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“Not just clean but 

hygienically clean"

Not just clean..But hygienically clean...

Compliance & Licensing

Health & Safety procedures:


This is about meeting the current leglistation standards requirements within the cleaning industry and incorporating relevant Health & Safety procedures. Everyone at Enviro-Solve cleaning Services is affected by these legislations and takes them very seriously. European Health and Safety Consultants (EHSC) are committed to providing companies like ours with advice, support and possible solutions to all aspects of Health & Safety at work which includes the control of hazardous substances.




National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers:


Enviro-Solve Cleaning Services adhere to the mission statement of the above organisation. This is to provide a legitimate organisation that monitors its members and such guarantees a legal and high standard of wheeled bin washers to the public that is common to all its members and that is acceptable to the Environment Agency, Local Authorities and Water Providers:

Forum of Private Business:


Dedicated to helping business owners focus on growth and profitability. Whatever challengesm your business faces, they offer membership to help you to protect and help your business, save time and money, as well as providing you with a collective voice.


Waste Water Carrier Licencse:


Our Waste Water License allows us to treat and safetly dispose of liquid waste which for one reason or another cannot be accomodated through a sewer network. The wastes that we accpet are those that derive from cleaning commercial and domestic bins.


Thames water permit to discharge waste water:


Waste management legislation imposes a duty of care upon all parties handling waste, to ensure proper disposal all the way to the final disposal location. However, for consented trade effluent or permitted ground water discharges to our sewers, the diposers' duty of care ceases at the point of discharge to our sewer, provided they have complied with the terms of their discharge consent.


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