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“Not just clean but 

hygienically clean"

Not just clean..But hygienically clean...

Our Green Initiative 


Enviro-Solve Cleaning Services Ltd understand that climate change is real, and that its a real problem....


As a waste management that probably best deals with bin cleaning in the UK, we know that we use alot of energy and materials, which in turn create greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the climate change.


We feel that this is a part of the problem that we can help to solve. We have found ways to use materials and energy more effectively within our industry and at hour facilities in which to get energy from cleaner sources.


As far as we are aware, we are still the only company within our industry that use a 100% electric vehicle. And while we have a long way to go, our efforts are working- even though we are using other vehciles in our process, our carbon emissions are dropping.

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